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Settle Faster

Negotiate on-line. Avoid scheduling conflicts, meetings, court dates…

Improve Success

Accelerate settlements by engaging parities with interactive vs passive negotiations.

Reduce Costs

Lower human resource, collection, and legal costs.

Online Settlement and Payment Solutions

Cybersettle's patented web-based negotiation technology facilitates settling monetary disputes - securely and confidentially - between two or more parties.
Cybersettle automates the manual, time consuming, and inefficient settlement process and makes it easier for organizations to settle financial disputes.

Contending parties submit confidential offers and demands on-line from most computers, smart phones or tablets. Cybersettle instantly compares the parties’ submissions to determine if they are in range of a mutually-acceptable settlement. If not, it prompts the parties to submit their next offer. If yes, the parties arrange payment. Neither party sees the other party’s offer or demands (double-blind) unless and until a settlement is reached.

Solutions For:

Insurance companies • Financial Services • Law Firms • Corporations • Public Services • Professional Service Companies

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Cybersettle's patented double blind negotiation system helps parties to a dispute, such as a claim against an insurance company, reach agreement much faster and at a much lower cost compared to traditional negotiation methods.

Online Settlement & Payment (OSP)

Cybersettle's patented system optimizes the billing and collection processes at a much lower cost compared to traditional negotiation methods. Standalone or integrated into you existing settlement process OSP allows you to engage and communicate directly with customers.

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